Importance of Teacher Punctuality

Punctuality is the quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time. In every school, teachers are suppose to adhere to a standard time of coming to school and closing from school. 

A report by the World Bank on Ghana's educational system has identified the high rate of teacher absenteeism as a major problem in the educational sector and was released on February 23, 2011 and published by 

Teacher absenteeism has its negative effects on education but my aim of writing this article is to engage my readers on the importance of teacher punctuality.  
The importance are

 1) Courageous  

When a teacher reports to school early, he/she has courage to begin work in a fearless environment. 

2) Emotionally Sound

Any time a teacher is late or absent from school without permission, the teacher becomes emotionally unstable because such a teacher prepare the mind to give reasons or excuses. Some have to respond to queries. This makes the teacher feel uncomfortable. To avoid all these from happening, a teacher need to be punctual.  

3) Easy to work  

Early morning, there are co-curricula activities and some exercises to be marked. If a teacher is punctual in school, such activities can be done easily.  

4) Community Friendly

 Every community likes a teacher who is punctual. There are communities been named after teachers for their good behaviour which includes punctuality for members within the community to emulate. 

5) Student Friendly  

Anytime a teacher in a school is punctual, students always respect and become a friend to that teacher. Students also make remarkable comments about the teacher to their parents or guardians. Such a teacher is a role model. Sometimes students call the teacher to find out why the teacher is not in school that day.  

6) Good preparation towards lesson delivery 

If you fail to plan; you plan to fail. This is not found in the dictionary of a teacher who is punctual in school because he/she comes early to school and prepare well before going to class to present lessons.  

7) Students Perform well 

A teacher who is punctual in School always finish all the topics within stipulated time and prepare Students before assessment in the form of examinations and class exercises/tests/project work.  

In conclusion, teachers should report to school in time to feel comfortable at workplaces and create a welcoming environment in schools to avoid lateness and unnecessary absenteeism which can affect Students and Ghana Education Service negatively.  

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  1. Great piece Teacher Osei!! Punctuality has always being the bane of the “Ghanaman“ and it’s extremely important to highlight this problem and completely eliminate it from our society. Same could be said about our students as well, but it’s critical for the teacher to set the example.

  2. A wonderful write. Keep it up.

  3. Alberta Sarpong
    👍 Perfect

  4. I perfectly agree with the write-ups, but then for these to be achieved, there is this triangular commitment which are *Community, Leadership and the teacher*.

  5. Good write- up on punctuality. Well said. Keep it up!

  6. I agree with your submissions. The teacher as a leader in the classroom must set a good example for pupils to follow.


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